Nigel Gavus, born in 1992, lives and works in Vienna. He studied at the School for Independent Film – Friedl Kubelka and currently studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in the Department for Video & Videoinstallation. In his work he deals with time, memory, identity and the relationship between poetry and cinema. He understands the poetic film as a visible form for something invisible, namely the feeling, the emotion of a situation. It’s about its qualities and its depth, not about what is happening, but how something feels or what it means. The fundament for his non-filmic work is based on the medium of photography, which he often combines with mixed media – like found materials, poetry, embroidery and the experimentation of printing. The perception of time and space and the decoding of the unconsciousness are essential for the process of his work, in which he emphasizes on the synchronisation of coincidence and fleeting moments.

Screenings/Exhibitions (Selection): Banale (Entleere deine Blase) – Group Exhibition 21′; Flimmer.Club x Size Matters Raum für Kunst & Film (Screening of „Mars Exposure 1.0); Ernte Sehen Festival – International Competition (Screening of „Mars Exposure 1.0“) Tenerife Short Film Festival 21′ (Screening of „Letters from a Window“); Dot. Dot. Dot. Filmfestival 21(Screening of „Letters from a Window“); Diagonale 21 – Festival of Austrian Film (Screening of „Letters from a Window“); Vienna Shorts International Film Festival 2021 (Screening of „Letters from a Window“); EuroAsia Short Film Festival 21′ in Washington, USA (Screening of „Letters from a Window“); Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen 2021 (Screening of „Letters from a Window“); Corona Cinema – Mars & Blum (Screening of „Mars Exposure 1.0“); Tsiolkovsky Space Film Festival 2021 (Screening of „Mars Exposure 1.0); Landes Kunst und Kulturpreise – Ausstellung Neue Galerie Graz 2020; Poetry & Politics – Parallel Vienna Art Fair 2020 (Class of Dorit Margreiter); equality becomes form – Parallel Vienna (Class of M.J.Guttmann); Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien – Rundgang 2020 (Screening of Not East, Not West) & Untitled (Videoinstallation); Ernte Festival Film Festival 2020 ; Ufozine #01 – Release at Verein Fortuna 2020, Diagonale – Festival for Austrian Film 2019 (Screening of „Metempsychosis“); Youki Filmfestival (Screening of „Metempsychosis“); Verein Fortuna Kino 2019 – Curated Screening; Trailer 19/20 for Schule Friedl Kubelka for independent Film (Class of P.Fleischmann); Conte Potuto – Arbeit Nutzen Anleitung (Taxi Taxi im Frühling #01) / Book Release im Sehsaal 2019, Vienna Art Book Fair 2019, Transborders Festival 2019 – Fluxus am Fluss (Grenzen); „Nur zu Besuch“ – Group-Exhibition 2018;

Awards & Residencies:

Tenerife International Short Film Festival 2021 – Special Mention for „Letters from a Window“

Panther Residency at Halle für Kunst Steiermark (in the context of the exhibition „Domestic Drama“)

ORF.at Audience Award 21′ for the Best Austrian Film (Under 10 min) – „Letters from a Window“

Artist in Residency at Zeta Gallery, Tirana, Albania 2020 – Kultur Land Steiermark (Filmauslandsstipendium)