A 44 Pages handmade A5 Zine printed on 120g Pergraphica Paper made in Austria. 
Contains Photography as well as Illustrations and other Artworks from more than 20 international Artist.

UFOZINE is an independent project in which selected people are invited to publish artistic works on a platform beyond the digital media. there are no rules except the given format (a5). each issue deals with a certain topic that all of the people involved in this should see as a motive. For the first issue it is – MOVEMENT

Contributions by: Ali Baba, Carlos Segura Protti, Chiara Bartl-Salvi, Chrisi Tee, David Leitner, Daniel Fonatti, Dominik Scharfer, Fabio Bicci, Franco Simeoni, Gabriel Huth, Josefine Promt, Julia Walk, Jacques Duchesne, Keno Meiners, Luigi Vida, Noel Dinse, Soy Panday, Sebastian Binder, Patrick Winkler, Titus Probst, Valentina Wolf, Veronika Muchitsch, Ziggy Schaap.

Founded and curated by Nigel Gavus

Available at trustinzines online store!

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