Untitled _ Ein Film ohne Titel (Video, Color, Sound, 28 min, 2022)

A Film by Nigel Gavus & Eilert Asmervik /// ☆ Interstar Film Production ☆

Synopsis (ENG):

Our time is defined by crises that have immediate consequences for our current coexistence and for the future of humanity. They are complex, frightening and lead to different reactions: to fear, despair and hopelessness, but also to denial, anger and hatred. They divide our society and thus prevent us from recognizing the essential point. In this untitled film, filmmaker Nigel Gavus and sound artist Eilert Asmervik move seemingly disoriented through the encountered landscape. The protagonist feels his way through potential realities of a city by collecting sounds, distorting them and alienating urban spaces into visionary as well as dystopian worlds.