equality becomes form

equality becomes form – Group Exhibition at Parallel Art Fair Vienna 2020

while organizing this show it has become clear that a certain mentality (a winner takes it all) needs to be counteracted. thus selection criteria, financial matters as well as allocation of resources have become subjects of particular care. this is also the reason why the issue of order is to be problematized again. the social environment of responsiveness and responsibility provides for decision making: on the one hand, a grid is supposed to serve a kind of filter, which balances the frequency and density of information as well as the relevant capacity to process this input. on the other hand, this grid and its regimented uniformity are put into service of seeing and understanding the impact of a common format and placement. thereby, the individual works infer and deflect, that equality becomes form. a process, by which the fluctuations between communality, individualisation and pragmatic pressure are made subject of negotiation.

„Die Frage bleibt offen“ (Photo-Collage, 50 x 50 cm, 2020)