Not East, Not West (super8 to video, 10 min, b&w, sound, 2019)

Concept and Realisation: Nigel Gavus, Assistant Director: Daniel Milany, Cast: Akira Fukui, Eva Sommer ; Sounddesign: Daniel Milany, Szabolcs Gáspár ; Translations: Saaya Nakamura


A young man enters a city without knowing why he always finds himself in places that he cannot explain. He absorbs potential realities, observes the life and the forms of the city. A reflection of his inner world. His memory becomes the present and the future at the same time. The conflict between reality and illusion has taken the form of an impossible love story. The world surrounding him is subject to constant change, reflecting his emotional states and intuition, but he remains constant. What he wants is to change who he is.

„It’s all the same story. People try to survive the world they were born.“ Der innere Monolog eines jungen Mannes, der nach einer Zugfahrt in einer Stadt ankommt. Ein rastloser Reisender mit Koffer, immer in Bewegung, ungebremst im Fluss der Zeit. Bis er auf eine junge Frau trifft. Mit lakonisch-melancholischem Helden und wundervoll-roughen, auf Video transferierten Super8-Bildern inszeniert Nigel Gavus ein poetisch-philosophisches Essay über Realität und Imagination, über Zeit und Erinnerung, über Film.

(Text: © CinemaNext)